elementary s4e16 subtitle note

雕刻刀 Stiletto knife.

我自己的 DNA污染 了樣本 I contaminated the sample with my own DNA.

這種事 偶爾 會發生 These things happen from time to time.

我們有足夠的證據讓真兇被終身監禁 We have enough evidence to put the true culprit away for life.

  • a person who is responsible for a crime or other misdeed.

會給 檢察官 那里 添麻煩 will complicate things for the prosecutor.

你估計要 棋逢對手 了 You're gonna have your hands full.

在他 拆掉 兩座農場和一座學校之后 After he plowed over two farms and a school.

  • This seems to be informal term? like 鏟走, usuallt don't with over
  • to clear by the use of a plow, especially a snowplow (sometimes followed by out): The city's work crews were busily plowing the streets after the blizzard.

我父親向您表示 哀悼 He sends his condolences, my father.

滑落 路堤然后被車撞了 slipped off an embankment and got hit by a truck.

你聽起來有些 質疑 You sound skeptical.

  • not easily convinced; having doubts or reservations: the public were deeply skeptical about some of the proposals.

他對那條路 了如指掌 He knew those trails backwards and forwards.

更別說 不小心掉下去被車撞了 let alone accidentally falling into traffic.

他是個 投機資產家 He was a venture capitalist.

他投資新興科技 并且 態度強硬 He invested in tech start-ups, and he was uncompromising

但目前任何對于動機的揣測都 言之過早 But any talk of motive is premature at this point.

  • too early

他肯定被 刮得 很慘

  • He must've been scraped up pretty badly,

查爾斯在 逃離殘酷 的追蹤者 Charles was fleeing a relentless pursuer.

  • flee: run away from a danger

他全速奔跑并且不時地向后看 He was running at full speed and he glanced behind him

  • take a brief or hurried look

最便宜的那種 烈酒 Fortified wine of the cheapest variety.

而且它在 發光 And it was glowing.

  • give out steady light without flame: the tips of their cigarettes glowed in the dark.

燈籠 一樣 Like a lantern.

尤金 你今天明顯發揮失常 Actually, Eugene, your play has been distinctly subpar today.

我只能想象你來這里工作, 一定覺得很 恐慌 I can only imagine the trepidation you must feel, coming to work here.

你找到的那個人當時處于迷離狀態 the man you spoke with was in an altered state

  • a state of mind that differs from the normal state of consciousness, typically one induced by drugs, hypnosis, or mental disorder. he probably came up with this tune while he was in an altered state.

他很擅長 隱藏身份 He's proven quite adept at concealing his identity.

  • keep from sight; hide: a line of sand dunes concealed the distant sea.
  • keep (something) secret; prevent from being known or noticed: love that they had to conceal from others.